Video Montage Information

A typical video montage lasts from 5 to 15 minutes, and contains between 40 and 150 photographic images; 2 to 5 musical selections, and a number of titles and/or captions.

Normally the structure of the video is as follows:

  • A title screen for the program.
  • One to five chapters, each covering a different theme or time period. Each chapter consists of a title, 20-25 photographic images, and a chosen song.
  • End credit titles and/or a message (i.e. "With love from all of us on your 50th anniversary.")

A Word About Your Music

In a video montage, the music is in many ways an equal partner with the photographs in creating a special experience. We can incorporate popular music from CDs that you provide. We regret that out of respect for copyright laws and ethics, only legal copies of music selections may be used in your Montage.

When your video montage is complete we will schedule a review session with you at your convenience to go over title spellings, photograph order, etc. Your video montage package will be delivered on DVD, VHS tape, or a combination of both formats; however you would prefer. You may order additional copies of either format.

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